When Creativity meets Business.; Innovation.

The importance to understand the intersection of Business,
Creativity & Technology in order to build not only innovative products,
but also to create immersive experiences for your clients
based on Data & Models .

When Creativity meets Business.

The importance to understand the intersection of Business,Creativity & Technology in order to build not only innovative products,but also to create immersive experiences for your clientsbased on Data & Models .


Improvement of the company marketing and sales process.


Targeted analysis and market study, creative Ideas and proactive Solutions.


Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility and global Market share.

Experience. Strategy. Insight.

Brandnew Promoter is the perfect merge between top-level expertise in the communication and marketing sector from Ms. Martina Calabresi and the pragmatic strategic management engineering approach from Mr. Luca Bucchianica.

This fusion is crucial for our clients to get a positive impact on our projects from day 1 when planning activities and deliverables can make the difference.

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Brandnew Promoter

Skills and Knowhow

We can explore different territories taking advantage of the partnership of professionals of the trade: our expert team can develop strategies through different channels based on specific client needs.

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Brandnew Promoter is a sales and marketing hub for companies from different sectors with the same philosophy which are driving their own projects by embracing a sustainable lifestyle or promoting eco-friendly solutions.

Together with our clients we target to develop smart marketing & sales solutions.

Digital and social media marketing
Digital strategy
Google Analytics
Online Advertising & E-mail marketing
Data analysis & Negotiation
Professional in the search industry across various verticals
Creativity; Innovating attitude
Dealing with interdisciplinary applications

Sales and Marketing Approach.


It is crucial to do data research, collecting data having also the  capability to analyze them in order to create relevantly  business insights. Delivering those insights to the decision-makers is crucial so they can take meaningful action.


Developing business strategies,  processes and experiences that the brand can deliver to customers.
Rapidly learning what is and what is not working.  Developing costantly new solutions to have always an exclusive approach to the market.


Good ideas are important but execution is the key. Our expertise is to melt the  creativity of an idea  with a tailor made strategy to carry it through reality. This is the focus to deliver tangible  results.

A synergic Team

Building a successful team is about more than have the right mix of professional skills. But these are also significative.

Martina Calabresi

Born in Italy Martina developped 10 years experience as Professional Fashion Stylist in Milan, one of the top world fashion city. Passionate traveller she build her experience also overseas like Vancouver, Barcellona, Dubai, Montecarlo and Singapore.
Always willing to learn new things and create new way to comunicate to the world Martina decided to create an important blog which allows her to develop specific technical skills to become an expert digital strategist with excellent knowledge of the international retail market.

Luca Bucchianica

Born in Florence on 26th March 1981. After achieved management engineering degree in Italy and after an 2 year experience in Mexico City, Luca who always seeking to improve himself and to highly accelerate his growth in a highly dynamic environment by developing projects, spent more than a decade in Singapore to build his professional sales experience and network.

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